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Michael (Introduction)

Doug O'Brien (Sleight of Mouth)

Stephen Gilligan (Hypnosis)

Ross Jeffries (Seduction)

William Buist (Networking)

Dexter Moscow (Presenting)

Brian Mahoney (Hypnosis)

Mark Lee (Networking)

Doug O'Brien (Hypnosis)

John LaValle (Hypnosis)

John Whitworth (Managing Change)

Caroline Newman (Networking)

Andrew Wilcox (Networking)

Tom O'Connor (Modelling the Masters)

Nick Bush (Managing Change)

Lesley Morrissey (Networking)

Andy Lopata (Networking)

Melanie Martin (Business-development)

Phil Jones (Managing Change)

Judith (Leadership and Troublesome Talent)

Derek Bishop (Managing Change)

Mike Segal (Networking)

Erik MacEachern (Sales)

Richard La Ruina (Seduction UK)

Richard Bandler (With permission from John and Kathleen La Valle)

Gabe Guerrero (With permission from John and Kathleen La Valle)

Catherine Jackson (Cold Calling)

Torsten Kinzelt (Cold Calling)

Stephanie Philp (Metaphor)

Gary Palmer (Sales recruitment)

Sue Banjo (Facilitation)

Mary Gregory (Coaching)

Paul Mackenna (With permission from John and Kathleen La Valle)

Michael Beale (NLP)

Doug O'Brien (Metaphor)

Andrew Wilcox (Networking)

Kathleen Sullivan (Coaching)

Ross Jeffries PDF (10 mistakes men make with women)

Peta Stapleton (Health)

Garner Thomson (Health)

Ron Bates (Networking - Ron has 40,000+ direct  contacts on LinkedIn

Ross Jeffries (Seduction)

Martin Woodcock (International Sales)

Master Plan PDF (SEO)

Nicole Bachmann (Facilitation)

(Mia, My daughter's new baby)

Penny Power (Founder of Ecademy)

Mike Bird  (International Sales)

Graham Jones (Conference call on social networking)

Ashley Hunter (International Insurance Sales)

John Rajeski (International Sales)

Liam Beale (Martial Arts in China)

Andy Preston (Cold Calling)

David Sales (Leadership)

Michael Beale (Hypnosis relaxation download)

Catherine Chambers (Sales)

Shaun Gisbourne (Cold Calling)

Richard Sanders (Leadership)

Richard Sanders (NLP Benefits)

John La Valle (Motivation)

Vicky (Trading)

Rory (Sales)

Nicole (Motivation)

Peta (Attracting Money)

Garner (Hypnosis)

Anita (Smoking and addiction)

Avatar (Seduction eBook)

Judith (Mentoring Leaders)

Judith (Networking)

David (Business Development - Cold Calling)

Duncan (Sales Development - Oracle)

Nadia (Personal Development)

Paul (Sales)

Ross Day Game Mastery

Michael's profile Local Government and the Regions 14

Willem (Provocative sales)

Tony (Cancer care)

Sharon Drew (Buying Facilitation)

Sharon Drew v2 (Buying Facilitation)

Ania (Climbing Everest)

Ray (Managing Change

Peter (Being Peter)

Peter 2

Fiona (Benefits of NLP)

Lana (Change in Local Government)

Trevor (Sales)

Judith (Inner Networking)

NLP Workbook

Seth Goddin ( The insubordinate ebook )

Anita (Education)

Anita (Relationships)

Jonathan (Metaphor)

Conference file upload

Kevin (Lose Weight)

Jeremy (Day Game Seduction)

Pansophix (eBook brochure)

Q&A Love Systems (ebook)

NLP Practitioner Manual (draft pdf)

TSB Flyer

Judy Rees (Eliciting Unconscious Metaphors)

Denise Corcoran (Meta Programmes)

Torsten (Draft Call )

Carole (Body language)

Relaxation (Michael)

Fantastic Future (Michael)

Guided Mindfulness Meditation (Jon)

PRS Spreadsheet xls

PRS Spreadsheet xlsx

Garner (Future pacing)

Starting and Growing a Business (John)

David Beach (Seduction)

Resilience (Stephanie)

Marketing (Stephanie)

Outcomes (Michael and Stephanie)

A career to get out of bed for (pdf)

NLP and the NHS (pdf)

NLP Training Guide 2012 (Pdf)

NLP Practitioner Manual

Coaching Programme Essentials (eBook)

HR Directors Research

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